A large loft conversion in Manchester!

Here in the Manchester area, I have had the pleasure to work on many different projects thanks to my job. Although DIY is my main passion, I work as a painting and decorating contractor and an independent interior designer for multiple different companies. One of the main companies that I work with is a company named Manchester Loft Conversion, who house some of the best builders Manchester have. I have worked on multiple projects on so many different sizes, and rather than go into specific details regarding some of the projects that I have completed, I want to describe the projects that I have had the opportunity to work on. I have completed so many different projects with Manchester Builders & Construction, and I have also had the luck to work on so many projects that I know others within the industry around the United Kingdom haven’t been able to work on.

One of the projects that I was fortunate enough to work on was a footballer’s home. While I cannot go into any information regarding when this project was undertaken and completed, or who the footballer whose home I was able to work on, I can speak of some of the smaller details I was able to take part in. I must make sure not to give away any specifics, so I don’t jeopardize the home owner’s privacy, but there were so many cool smaller specifics of the project. One of these specifics were the football pitch that they wanted created within their home. It was an indoor football pitch completed with artificial grass that was padded within the soil to ensure that the pitch itself wouldn’t cause any potential injuries. Within the surroundings of this indoor football pitch was a lot of Manchester based football memorabilia such as football kits, footballs that were used within football matches and even some awards that the home owner managed to win themselves.

Another home that I was fortunate enough to work on was a home owner who was obsessed with many Hollywood films that were created in the last 30 years. These included some classic memorabilia too. A lot of the more expensive items were authentic items from various film sets. One of the film sets were the Godfather part II, and they managed to pick up an outfit that was used within the film which they placed upon a mannequin which looked like the actor who wore the clothes themselves. Another piece of cool memorabilia the home owner owned was a gun that was used in the film “Platoon”. Platoon is a war film based on Vietnam that I have loved for so many years, so to see a gun that was on the set of the film was enjoyable and interesting to me.

Another home had a large collection of artworks from around the world. The home owner purchased one piece of art from various places around the world including France, Italy, China, the US, Mexico, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Russia and many more. This was a beautiful home to be able to work on, but there was very little that I was able to complete because the home already had so much beauty within it.

I hope you enjoyed todays post. I have been lucky enough to work within these homes and see some amazing props, memorabilia and pieces of art that I would never be able to see elsewhere. I hope you manage to read some of our posts in the future, and some of the posts that we have created with in the past. Thank you for reading!

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