Small DIY project

I once painted and decorated a small home that was almost not worth the effort, but the job itself was really rewarding spiritually and mentally, even if financially it made little to no difference. The house itself couldn’t have been any bigger than the average flat that you would see. The average flat within the Manchester area is about 3 to 4 rooms big and is always one floor small. This is the size of this detached home that I had spent time to paint and decorate. Although this project does not seem like it would be a big deal, after I had completed the project there were a few small obstacles that I had to come across throughout the project that was a large learning curve for me, and an experience that has helped me throughout the rest of my career. Sometimes, even the smallest projects can be the biggest lessons, and this is one of the projects that allowed me to do so.

The 4 rooms that were in the entire building were the living room, the single bedroom, kitchen and a bathroom. Although this is the average bachelor pad around the world and most cities in the United Kingdom, this home was a bit different. In Manchester, detached homes are usually at least two floors large. They also have at least two bedrooms and a total of seven to eight rooms, and that would be considered the average sized home. This home was very small, and the actual size of it looked like a studio flat. There couldn’t have been more space within the home itself than the average converted loft within the Manchester area. I believe that the home could have fit in any council estate within the Salford area, and it really seemed like a difficult place for one to live alone.

That is why I wanted to come up with a few ideas that not only made the home look spacey, but also make the home look a lot more alive and comfier for the home owner. Therefore, I decided that hardwood floors would be a better option than carpeting. Wooden floors always make the home look larger than it really is, while carpets make homes look smaller, darker and give a dirtier outlook within the home if the carpet is darker or if the room itself is small.

I also decided that white walls with the wooden flooring would make the home look more elegant. I decided that a snow-white paint around the home would make the home itself look cleaner and brighter. To ensure that the home looked elegant, I decided that oak would be the best fit. This included all furniture such as tables, cabinets and even the wooden flooring (after a polish) had matched beautifully. It made the home look more vibrant and elegant than it already had. I make sure to match this design with the kitchen too. I made sure that the kitchen counter tops and cabinets also used oak timber. When deciding on the white I must make a judgement call on making sure that the kitchen itself didn’t look cheap. With plastic sides, the kitchen itself would look exceedingly cheap. That is why I decided to use a matte white finish rather than the average paint.

There was more that was interesting regarding this project, and I actually made the home itself look a lot like a loft conversion. I want to go more into detail about this tomorrow, however. I hope you enjoyed today’s post, and if you haven’t yet, make sure to read some of the blog posts I have completed in the past!

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