Biggest job I had part 1!

The biggest house that I have ever painted and decorated was a four-storey home that was a borderline mansion. The home itself was huge, and I believe the overall space of the home was 5000 acres. The actual property itself was closer to 7500, however. The homeowner had a plan for each room, so there wasn’t much room for being creative with any designs. I did manage to speak with the home owner for a while to get an idea of what they wanted, but also to see if there were any suggestions that I may have to help their design. This was more out of selfishness to be creative within the project, but I believe that the small suggestions I gave to the home owner that were accepted were somewhat helpful for the overall look of the home.

The home itself was situated in one of the most beautiful parts of Manchester and was overlooking one of the most famous rivers in the city itself. The home was built to give the home a river view, and some of the landscaping had been built around the river itself to give the home owner and visitors a nice place to relax and enjoy their time. I loved the idea of this little river getaway at the back of the home, and I did want to do more with the decorations here. I wanted to add a few small plants to surround the stone and gravel sections, and I also wanted to add a few small wooden and stone sculptures to give the area a bit more atmosphere.

One of the other rooms that the home owner decided was important was the dining room. The actual space of the dining room is larger than any other that I have visited. The actual space of the dining room could fit two large bedrooms within the room, and there was a lot of empty space before the home owner decided what to fit within the room. Since there was such a large amount of empty space within the room, we decided that we had to fill the space with various objects and decorations that didn’t feel out of place.

These two different sections of the home were very enjoyable to decorate. As the garden isn’t an indoor section of the home and the dining room had fitted wooden palls within the walls, there wasn’t much necessity for painting. That is why my decorating skills had become the focus of this specific project. Since there isn’t a significant amount of painting required, that saved much time for me and the homeowner to decide what kind of decorations would be suitable within the areas, and the specific decorations for the areas themselves. This had become one of my favourite parts of this or any other project, since it had given me a lot of flexibility and creativity.

I would like to make this blog post into two articles as there were so many different rooms and a variety of different tasks, that it would be useless to try to fit all information into one. I hope that you check out part 2 to our blog post today, and I also hope that you find the time to look at some of our other blog posts from the last few days. Thank you for reading!

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