Creative designing!

The second painting and decorating project that I ever got to work as a freelance decorator was at another friend’s home, and they were unsure of the design and the decoration that they would like for their home. They were unsure about the colours that they wanted and were even unsure about the furniture that they would like to use. They were so unsure of what kind of makeover they would like for their home that they entrusted me with complete control over the design for the makeover. This was a very big responsibility for me, but I was extremely excited about it. I never had the chance to complete many makeovers to begin with, and to be able to do the whole home from the furniture to the colours and designs of the walls was a big moment for me that I decided to take complete advantage of to spread my creative wings.

After looking at the size and the shape of the home itself, I decided to prioritise my design ideas by room. The first room that I decided to start with was the most important one being the living room. Since many of the guests that would arrive at the home would go into the Living Room first, it was very important to make sure that a good first impression was available to guests. I wanted to create a design that was long lasting in the memory of the guests that visited the home, and to do that I needed to create a design that was both unique and impressive for all to see. That is why I decided to go with something that was both innovative and striking. I decided a white and purple colour scheme would be perfect. While the white makes the room feel bright and spacious, the purple gives the room an additional colour that is both innovative and attractive to the eye. That is why I decided white walls and a purple rug would be a great start. Once that had been placed, it became clear that a white sofa and arm chair along with a purple TV stand and coffee table would suit. Inevitably, this colour scheme exploded into many different creative ideas.

As for the bedroom, I took inspiration from what I had created in the living room and decided that the complete opposite would be perfect. Inside a bedroom, you need a design that looks both rustic but also comfortable to lay and relax in. That is why I decided to focus on a wood-based room from the flooring to the walls. It gave a comfortable look while also feeling warm and relaxing, especially when I mixed the colours with an oak brown. This only highlighted the warmth and comfort that the rest of the room was designed for.

Finally, I decided to focus on the kitchen within the house. I wanted to create a modern feel within the kitchen that feels both healthy to cook in while also feeling fun to look at. That is why I decided that a black and red colour combination within the kitchen would be perfect. The black and red colour within the kitchen gave the room a polished look, while the red gave the room an additional attraction that was otherwise missing.

This is just the first part of this post, and tomorrow I would like to go into a big more detail in regards to the specific furniture I decided to add. Take a look at some of the future posts that I make too!

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