Painting and Decorating in Manchester!

Here at Mirinet, I wanted to create a blog that was dedicated to my passion of painting and decorating new and older homes within the Manchester area. It has become something that started as a hobby and has become a genuine passion and career for myself. I have always loved painting and decorating homes and at first, I used to focus on DIY projects. This mainly included my own home and properties, and eventually I began to help my family and friends with their decorating. I had a few friends that wanted to redecorate their homes, and I offered my services because I wanted to take advantage of my new-found passion. So, I started with my first friends house who lives in Salford, and I began the painting and decorating of the entire home within the space of a few weeks. This was more difficult than I first assumed it would be. Since my only project was my own home in which a time frame was not implemented, I had no idea of the potential delays and issues ensuring keeping to deadline. This became a large learning curve for me.

During the first home makeover I did for a friend, I realised that there is a lot of things that I need to take into consideration before starting the actual project. The most important thing I completely forgot to do was order a surplus specifically for the wall paint. It is very easy throughout the planning phase to completely forgo ordering enough paint. This means throughout the makeover stage, it would be very easy to run out of paint and must order more, which can be very negative if you are ordering a specific colour that is difficult to find elsewhere. Especially if it takes a long time for the paint to be delivered. The simple process of ordering a surplus amount of paint or other materials can really prevent any issues that you might come across.

Along with ordering a surplus of materials that you will need during the makeover, it would be very important to make sure you are distributing the materials correctly. Since some rooms will be bigger than others, and the issue of rooms not needing the same paint, it will be smart to plan this in advanced. Make sure you order a surplus of paint for each room individually (without going over budget by a severe amount, such as 5%). This would really make the process easier throughout the painting stages. Along with this, it would be important to make sure that each colour you order per room would match the homeowners vision and requests. For example, it would be rare that someone would want their bathroom coloured in something such as black or yellow.

If you are also ordering new furniture and decorations for the home itself, it is also important to ensure that the furniture and decorations match the new paint colour schemes that each room would have. One of the issues I had in my first project was looking over the fact that certain decorations or furniture just won’t match and will feel out of place depending on the colour of the walls. Having a purple walled living room with a leather brown sofa looks both tacky and ugly. The clash of colours looked very unappealing for any eye, and it would be easier to make sure you plan this in advance rather than having to swap furniture or even purchase new furniture if needed.


These are just smaller things that you will come across when completing a home makeover during your first time. Once you have come across these problems (or have been made aware of them) it’s important to make sure you don’t repeat them, or it can turn the makeover into a nightmare. I hope you enjoyed todays blog post about home makeovers within the Manchester area, and I hope you come back to see more!

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