A large loft conversion in Manchester!

Here in the Manchester area, I have had the pleasure to work on many different projects thanks to my job. Although DIY is my main passion, I work as a painting and decorating contractor and an independent interior designer for multiple different companies. One of the main companies that I work with is a company named Manchester Loft Conversion, who house some of the best builders Manchester have. I have worked on multiple projects on so many different sizes, and rather than go into specific details regarding some of the projects that I have completed, I want to describe the projects that I have had the opportunity to work on. I have completed so many different projects with Manchester Builders & Construction, and I have also had the luck to work on so many projects that I know others within the industry around the United Kingdom haven’t been able to work on.

One of the projects that I was fortunate enough to work on was a footballer’s home. While I cannot go into any information regarding when this project was undertaken and completed, or who the footballer whose home I was able to work on, I can speak of some of the smaller details I was able to take part in. I must make sure not to give away any specifics, so I don’t jeopardize the home owner’s privacy, but there were so many cool smaller specifics of the project. One of these specifics were the football pitch that they wanted created within their home. It was an indoor football pitch completed with artificial grass that was padded within the soil to ensure that the pitch itself wouldn’t cause any potential injuries. Within the surroundings of this indoor football pitch was a lot of Manchester based football memorabilia such as football kits, footballs that were used within football matches and even some awards that the home owner managed to win themselves.

Another home that I was fortunate enough to work on was a home owner who was obsessed with many Hollywood films that were created in the last 30 years. These included some classic memorabilia too. A lot of the more expensive items were authentic items from various film sets. One of the film sets were the Godfather part II, and they managed to pick up an outfit that was used within the film which they placed upon a mannequin which looked like the actor who wore the clothes themselves. Another piece of cool memorabilia the home owner owned was a gun that was used in the film “Platoon”. Platoon is a war film based on Vietnam that I have loved for so many years, so to see a gun that was on the set of the film was enjoyable and interesting to me.

Another home had a large collection of artworks from around the world. The home owner purchased one piece of art from various places around the world including France, Italy, China, the US, Mexico, Austria, Switzerland, Poland, Russia and many more. This was a beautiful home to be able to work on, but there was very little that I was able to complete because the home already had so much beauty within it.

I hope you enjoyed todays post. I have been lucky enough to work within these homes and see some amazing props, memorabilia and pieces of art that I would never be able to see elsewhere. I hope you manage to read some of our posts in the future, and some of the posts that we have created with in the past. Thank you for reading!

Small DIY project

I once painted and decorated a small home that was almost not worth the effort, but the job itself was really rewarding spiritually and mentally, even if financially it made little to no difference. The house itself couldn’t have been any bigger than the average flat that you would see. The average flat within the Manchester area is about 3 to 4 rooms big and is always one floor small. This is the size of this detached home that I had spent time to paint and decorate. Although this project does not seem like it would be a big deal, after I had completed the project there were a few small obstacles that I had to come across throughout the project that was a large learning curve for me, and an experience that has helped me throughout the rest of my career. Sometimes, even the smallest projects can be the biggest lessons, and this is one of the projects that allowed me to do so.

The 4 rooms that were in the entire building were the living room, the single bedroom, kitchen and a bathroom. Although this is the average bachelor pad around the world and most cities in the United Kingdom, this home was a bit different. In Manchester, detached homes are usually at least two floors large. They also have at least two bedrooms and a total of seven to eight rooms, and that would be considered the average sized home. This home was very small, and the actual size of it looked like a studio flat. There couldn’t have been more space within the home itself than the average converted loft within the Manchester area. I believe that the home could have fit in any council estate within the Salford area, and it really seemed like a difficult place for one to live alone.

That is why I wanted to come up with a few ideas that not only made the home look spacey, but also make the home look a lot more alive and comfier for the home owner. Therefore, I decided that hardwood floors would be a better option than carpeting. Wooden floors always make the home look larger than it really is, while carpets make homes look smaller, darker and give a dirtier outlook within the home if the carpet is darker or if the room itself is small.

I also decided that white walls with the wooden flooring would make the home look more elegant. I decided that a snow-white paint around the home would make the home itself look cleaner and brighter. To ensure that the home looked elegant, I decided that oak would be the best fit. This included all furniture such as tables, cabinets and even the wooden flooring (after a polish) had matched beautifully. It made the home look more vibrant and elegant than it already had. I make sure to match this design with the kitchen too. I made sure that the kitchen counter tops and cabinets also used oak timber. When deciding on the white I must make a judgement call on making sure that the kitchen itself didn’t look cheap. With plastic sides, the kitchen itself would look exceedingly cheap. That is why I decided to use a matte white finish rather than the average paint.

There was more that was interesting regarding this project, and I actually made the home itself look a lot like a loft conversion. I want to go more into detail about this tomorrow, however. I hope you enjoyed today’s post, and if you haven’t yet, make sure to read some of the blog posts I have completed in the past!

Biggest job I had part 1!

The biggest house that I have ever painted and decorated was a four-storey home that was a borderline mansion. The home itself was huge, and I believe the overall space of the home was 5000 acres. The actual property itself was closer to 7500, however. The homeowner had a plan for each room, so there wasn’t much room for being creative with any designs. I did manage to speak with the home owner for a while to get an idea of what they wanted, but also to see if there were any suggestions that I may have to help their design. This was more out of selfishness to be creative within the project, but I believe that the small suggestions I gave to the home owner that were accepted were somewhat helpful for the overall look of the home.

The home itself was situated in one of the most beautiful parts of Manchester and was overlooking one of the most famous rivers in the city itself. The home was built to give the home a river view, and some of the landscaping had been built around the river itself to give the home owner and visitors a nice place to relax and enjoy their time. I loved the idea of this little river getaway at the back of the home, and I did want to do more with the decorations here. I wanted to add a few small plants to surround the stone and gravel sections, and I also wanted to add a few small wooden and stone sculptures to give the area a bit more atmosphere.

One of the other rooms that the home owner decided was important was the dining room. The actual space of the dining room is larger than any other that I have visited. The actual space of the dining room could fit two large bedrooms within the room, and there was a lot of empty space before the home owner decided what to fit within the room. Since there was such a large amount of empty space within the room, we decided that we had to fill the space with various objects and decorations that didn’t feel out of place.

These two different sections of the home were very enjoyable to decorate. As the garden isn’t an indoor section of the home and the dining room had fitted wooden palls within the walls, there wasn’t much necessity for painting. That is why my decorating skills had become the focus of this specific project. Since there isn’t a significant amount of painting required, that saved much time for me and the homeowner to decide what kind of decorations would be suitable within the areas, and the specific decorations for the areas themselves. This had become one of my favourite parts of this or any other project, since it had given me a lot of flexibility and creativity.

I would like to make this blog post into two articles as there were so many different rooms and a variety of different tasks, that it would be useless to try to fit all information into one. I hope that you check out part 2 to our blog post today, and I also hope that you find the time to look at some of our other blog posts from the last few days. Thank you for reading!

Creative designing!

The second painting and decorating project that I ever got to work as a freelance decorator was at another friend’s home, and they were unsure of the design and the decoration that they would like for their home. They were unsure about the colours that they wanted and were even unsure about the furniture that they would like to use. They were so unsure of what kind of makeover they would like for their home that they entrusted me with complete control over the design for the makeover. This was a very big responsibility for me, but I was extremely excited about it. I never had the chance to complete many makeovers to begin with, and to be able to do the whole home from the furniture to the colours and designs of the walls was a big moment for me that I decided to take complete advantage of to spread my creative wings.

After looking at the size and the shape of the home itself, I decided to prioritise my design ideas by room. The first room that I decided to start with was the most important one being the living room. Since many of the guests that would arrive at the home would go into the Living Room first, it was very important to make sure that a good first impression was available to guests. I wanted to create a design that was long lasting in the memory of the guests that visited the home, and to do that I needed to create a design that was both unique and impressive for all to see. That is why I decided to go with something that was both innovative and striking. I decided a white and purple colour scheme would be perfect. While the white makes the room feel bright and spacious, the purple gives the room an additional colour that is both innovative and attractive to the eye. That is why I decided white walls and a purple rug would be a great start. Once that had been placed, it became clear that a white sofa and arm chair along with a purple TV stand and coffee table would suit. Inevitably, this colour scheme exploded into many different creative ideas.

As for the bedroom, I took inspiration from what I had created in the living room and decided that the complete opposite would be perfect. Inside a bedroom, you need a design that looks both rustic but also comfortable to lay and relax in. That is why I decided to focus on a wood-based room from the flooring to the walls. It gave a comfortable look while also feeling warm and relaxing, especially when I mixed the colours with an oak brown. This only highlighted the warmth and comfort that the rest of the room was designed for.

Finally, I decided to focus on the kitchen within the house. I wanted to create a modern feel within the kitchen that feels both healthy to cook in while also feeling fun to look at. That is why I decided that a black and red colour combination within the kitchen would be perfect. The black and red colour within the kitchen gave the room a polished look, while the red gave the room an additional attraction that was otherwise missing.

This is just the first part of this post, and tomorrow I would like to go into a big more detail in regards to the specific furniture I decided to add. Take a look at some of the future posts that I make too!

Painting and Decorating in Manchester!

Here at Mirinet, I wanted to create a blog that was dedicated to my passion of painting and decorating new and older homes within the Manchester area. It has become something that started as a hobby and has become a genuine passion and career for myself. I have always loved painting and decorating homes and at first, I used to focus on DIY projects. This mainly included my own home and properties, and eventually I began to help my family and friends with their decorating. I had a few friends that wanted to redecorate their homes, and I offered my services because I wanted to take advantage of my new-found passion. So, I started with my first friends house who lives in Salford, and I began the painting and decorating of the entire home within the space of a few weeks. This was more difficult than I first assumed it would be. Since my only project was my own home in which a time frame was not implemented, I had no idea of the potential delays and issues ensuring keeping to deadline. This became a large learning curve for me.

During the first home makeover I did for a friend, I realised that there is a lot of things that I need to take into consideration before starting the actual project. The most important thing I completely forgot to do was order a surplus specifically for the wall paint. It is very easy throughout the planning phase to completely forgo ordering enough paint. This means throughout the makeover stage, it would be very easy to run out of paint and must order more, which can be very negative if you are ordering a specific colour that is difficult to find elsewhere. Especially if it takes a long time for the paint to be delivered. The simple process of ordering a surplus amount of paint or other materials can really prevent any issues that you might come across.

Along with ordering a surplus of materials that you will need during the makeover, it would be very important to make sure you are distributing the materials correctly. Since some rooms will be bigger than others, and the issue of rooms not needing the same paint, it will be smart to plan this in advanced. Make sure you order a surplus of paint for each room individually (without going over budget by a severe amount, such as 5%). This would really make the process easier throughout the painting stages. Along with this, it would be important to make sure that each colour you order per room would match the homeowners vision and requests. For example, it would be rare that someone would want their bathroom coloured in something such as black or yellow.

If you are also ordering new furniture and decorations for the home itself, it is also important to ensure that the furniture and decorations match the new paint colour schemes that each room would have. One of the issues I had in my first project was looking over the fact that certain decorations or furniture just won’t match and will feel out of place depending on the colour of the walls. Having a purple walled living room with a leather brown sofa looks both tacky and ugly. The clash of colours looked very unappealing for any eye, and it would be easier to make sure you plan this in advance rather than having to swap furniture or even purchase new furniture if needed.


These are just smaller things that you will come across when completing a home makeover during your first time. Once you have come across these problems (or have been made aware of them) it’s important to make sure you don’t repeat them, or it can turn the makeover into a nightmare. I hope you enjoyed todays blog post about home makeovers within the Manchester area, and I hope you come back to see more!